I'm Cathy Barnard-Patel and my passion is for teaching interior design, and art and design subjects to adults, focusing on giving these students the knowledge and confidence to carry on by themselves producing art work.                                                                 


I trained as an architect, earning an honours degree in Architecture, then changed track and went travelling for 18 months to Australia and San Francisco. Upon returning, I went into retail design and space planning for 13 years before venturing into art and design lecturing. I am an experienced tutor in Interior Design and various art and design courses, with 20 years in education.

I am also a print maker, have exhibited in numerous places, 
and sell framed artwork and cards. I love experimenting with and teaching pattern and print, and exploring different techniques. Currently I'm focused on lino printing, acrylic pouring and using encaustic wax.
 Carving and printing the lino is very therapeutic, especially when accompanied by a large glass of red wine...

A large range of my designs are now for sale printed onto a variety of items on my website:

Hello, I’m Shelly Crowley and I love inspiring people to access their own unique creativity.


I have a 1st class degree in Contemporary Art and Design and an M.A. in Contemporary Art and Design. I have five years experience in teaching young adults and outside of teaching I am also a practising artist, having had work shown and sold both nationally and internationally.


In my own personal practice I am a painter and printmaker. There is nothing more satisfying than getting your hands dirty whilst making art, especially if there is a group of you to share ideas with, (however bonkers) and learn from each other!


I am a great believer in the power of art as a tool for relaxation, for me, an hour in front of my easel can feel like the equivalent of a great night’s sleep and as with my colleague Cathy a large glass of red wine while I am beavering away doesn’t hurt either!


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